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  1. CJ says:

    Sorry but kill Arizona off. I hate that girl. The way she treats Gideon and playing with his emotions aint right. Hopefully the character from Wantedb Woman and Gideon will team up. Maybe Gideon will cross paths with Lola Mack and Mrs.Jones again. I like those two ladies. Maybe Gideon will fall in love with either of the two. Just get rid of Arizona. Gideon done killed a good friendb of his to.protect Arizona. A woman who doesn’t even care for him the way he cares for her. He lovesb that girl to pieces. I do think Arizona is older than Gideon maybe got him by 3 or 4 yrs by reading these books. Mrs. Jonesb would beva gpod fit. She will understand his lifestyle since she came from the same background as him. I realize Gideon cares too much. He isnt that cold hearted. He loves hard and cares hard. But can be ruthless if need to be. I need a Gideon in my life.

  2. M White says:

    Been following your work since you started. Thank you for all the amazing characters and stories. BlackBirds, Naughtier than Nice, and One Night were fantastic novels (just finished all three). Can’t wait for the next. Don’t stop doing what you do.

  3. Purita says:

    Thank u for the update to my email! I have re-located from NYC to Fort Leonard Wood and I have re-read all of your books and the late Author E. Lynn Harris books, I have ordered \”Finding Gideon\” for my Kindle and the Hard Cover. Thank you for sharing your blessing!!!

  4. Kishma Morancie says:

    Damn, you Eric! You done did it again! I Love you for adding another series to Gideon. I enjoy all your books. Keep up the good work.

  5. Brenda Mills says:

    Hey read the Book!! Gideon caught up with Lola and Ms. Jones! Finding Gideon was a journey of a read!! Thank you Eric for taking my imagination to countries that I never knew things about like the fact that it gets very cold and snows in Buenos Aires. Gideon went rouge in his quest to find Midnight or Medianoche his suppose to be daddy!!! All I can say is that I want more of him Mr. Eric J. Dickey. I began to sketch pictures of Gideon and Midnight in my mind. The result – the BEAST!!! Gideon needs to hook up with the Black birds, I can see myself on the NYC subway squeezing my legs together – head in my Kindle.

    Love you Mr. E.

  6. Michelle says:

    Just finished Finding Gideon!!! I don’t want to be a spoiler, so I’ll be quiet, but hopefully this isn’t the end of Gideon’s story.

    Like all of your fans I want to see what he looks like… Especially since his brother (by his mom) is fair with blonde hair.

    Reading this book I couldn’t tell it had been years since you wrote about Gideon. Please don’t make us wait so long next time.

    Love your work.


  7. Michelle says:

    Eric I just completed Blackbirds , this was your Best !!!
    Thank you

  8. Tocky Williams says:

    Sir! You cannot understand what you have done to me! I know who MX-401 is! And(I know)I can\’t wait for my favorite assassins to work together! I love this! Finding Gideon has been the best read ever! Wherever I try to tell someone about what I am reading, of this series I always slip up and refer to it as a movie. I love your works. I\’ll go ahead and finish up reading The Blackbirds now. Then I\’ll read pleasure again for the millionth time. I Love your works! Thank you so much!

  9. Alisa Fox says:

    People are sleeping on your writing skills. WOW!!! Your characters are not just characters in a book they are family. I love reading your books and when you mention a character from another book I just smile and think back to them. “Gideon” the only thing I can say is I LOVE HIM. I believe I have read every book you have written. Forgive me but I believe your writing has matured through time. Your last five books; I have read them and listened to them at least twice. Your Gideon Series I reread every time a new book comes out. Blackbirds WOW I pray that you receive more awards than you can accept. Keep up the great work. I love it.

  10. s hargrove says:

    I just finished reading Blackbirds and it was delightful. Indigo looks great on the cover.

  11. WJC says:

    When I become totally engrossed in a story I love to form a mental picture of the characters. I’m picturing possibly Nia Long as Lola Mack, maybe Lupita Nyongo as Mrs. Jones, and an Omarosa type as the mayor’s/preacher’s relentless wife from book 1. I’m having a hard time picturing Hawks, Midnight, The Beast, The man with the broken nose, Scamz,and last but definitely not least Gideon himself! Mr. EJD, can you help a sista out? Thanks!

  12. Charles Henry Hall says:

    After rereading a little bit of choir director 2 when it becomes a movie i like to see Keith David & Jennifer Lewis play as Rev.Wilson & Monique.

  13. Debbie Sealey says:

    EJD this is your number one fan in London, it has been a long time since you crossed the pond, when will you be visiting UK.

    Please keep writing, I am up to date with all you work and hungry for more.

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