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  1. Deirdre B says:

    It was a once in a lifetime opportunity meeting you at BAM in Birmingham. I found out the day of your signing and I had to drop everything to make sure I was there. I was so excited that I was able to attend your book signing. I am an avid reader of all genres. Although I have read many of your books and your biography, it was wonderful to actually hear you speak about your books and how your writing journey begin. It gave me hope and motivation on becoming a writer and hopefully one day a respected author. You are one of the greatest authors and also one of my favorites. Love your books. Many Blessings and continued success.

  2. Steve Bullock says:

    Every page of every book is fun and is thought provoking. Thank you for the hours of reading and for the hours of contemplation after the story ends.

  3. Chenita Hunt says:

    I have been a fan of yours for years. Your books have inspired me in many ways. At this current time, like many of your fans, I am building a collection of your inspiring books, they are remarkable page turners that have left me breathless and full of suspense with each page. Thank you for your extraordinary work that has pleasantly kept me grounded. My dream is to meet you at one of your book tours, hopefully one day in New Jersey. You are truly my favorite Author. I will not stop reading your books until I have your full collection. Your accomplishments are profound and a inspiration.

    God Bless

  4. Chenita Hunt says:

    I enjoy reading your books, I am a huge fan for years, your page turners are remarkable. The enjoyment of building a collection of your books is a wonderful goal for me. Keep up the great work, you’re truly an inspiration.

  5. I am a huge fan of yours and have been from years before. I have all your fiction books and have read some more than once. I was honored to meet and get your autograph in Jacksonville, FL. My sister also met you in Atlanta, GA where she works in the pharmacy. I just purchased Blackbirds but haven’t read it yet, but I’m sure it’ll be another great story as always. Keep up the great work and hope to meet you again soon at another book signing. God Bless.

  6. Brenda Chandler says:

    I just finished reading “A Wanted Woman”. Absolutely LOVE Kiwi. Cannot wait for her next adventure (hoping)

  7. JC says:

    I read Blackbirds about a month ago and LOVED IT! Just finished reading Resurrecting Midnight for the umpteenth time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING GIDEON BACK!!! So many unresolved issues with him. Miss him😟

    Keep up the GREAT writing.

  8. Shanee S. says:

    I just finished The Blackbirds book. I remembered the characters from the other books and even reverted back to the book Chasing Destiny to make sure I was not trippin, lol. I was glad to read about the other characters and how they ended up after their stories ended. I was very mad with the way this story ended. I thought Ericka was gonna tell us about her birthday plans when I saw the page regarding her birthday, you left me wanting more but I guess that goes to show you’ve done you job as an author I hope you don’t leave us hanging about what happens in everyone else’s lives. COME ON ERIC… PLAY NICE!

  9. RF says:

    When is Gideon coming back? a wanted woman was fabulous looking forward to that. Will she and Gideon meet through the man with white shoes?

  10. Wanda Ojo says:

    You are my FAVORITE author and this is the first time I’ve ever written to someone I admire. I’ve read all your books and I love most of them. I’m hoping to see Gideon again….he’s awesome. I hope to see him on the big screen one day, too. I just need to let you know that I anticipate your books and I am so happy you do what you do. I usually purchase your book in April and take it on my annual vacation in May. Love you….love your work!

  11. Tocky says:

    It’s 4am. I’m up reading Resurrecting Midnight again. I am trying to savor every single word. This series is the best. I’ll finish up reading this book and finish up reading Pleasure for the millionth time. All while patiently waiting for Gideon’s return. I check your website weekly to see if there is any news of his return. I love your works and I promise when I’m done with these two this time I’ll read the new ones before I reread A wanted Woman. Thank you for sharing your talent.✌

  12. Brenda Mills says:

    Hi E:
    I am one of your biggest fans. I just finished Naughtier than Nice because after I read Blackbirds, you said that Kwanzaa was one of the characters from Naughty and Nice. So I need to read Naughty and Nice again to remember how the McBroom sisters developed. I love them – I am so glad Frankie made it. I was on the NYC subway in tears! I loved Blackbirds. Your one of the greatest! You understand your people! “One Night” was too hot to handle, I probably need to stop reading on the subway – people may get the wrong idea. I think I am all caught up. Of course I have read all your works. What is Gideon doing?

  13. Carol Smith says:


    Thank you so much for bringing Gideon back. I have created at least 20 new buyers for your books. You are what I give for Christmas. The moment you put on Facebook that Gideon was coming everyone is already asking me to buy them a copy. I am a book collector, I collect hard cover, give paperbacks as gifts and I have all you have on audio also. I can probably tell you most of your books verbatim. Love Gideon and can\’t wait.

    Carol S. , your biggest fan

  14. Tarsha Goodwin says:

    I really enjoy reading your books. They have gotten me through one of my biggest heartbreaks. I just loved Naughtier Than Nice.


  15. LaViddia Williams says:

    I have read all of your books thus far but I wanted to take the time to tell you that Blackbirds impacted me like no other. I didn’t have any intention of ever writing you however, it was imperative to let you and your millions of fans know that Blackbirds is the story of most “black girls” lives. There was so much pain, agony, moments of inspiration and even moments of joy that I just wanted the story to go on and on. Although, to be honest, I have come to realize that the story is going on, it is my own. Thank you for such a thought provoking novel. Even the word book cannot adequately describe what Blackbirds truly is. In the words of Oprah, I am inspired “to run on and see what the end is gon be.” Thanks for that gift.

  16. Crys says:

    You are amazing!!!! I wish we could bring Gideon to real life – big screen. I have a feeling Gideon and Caprica Ortiz are going to.be.on each other’s sides and team up. I always wander what Gideon look like from your perspective. What’s his height? Ethnicity? Body type? Skin complexion? Facial hair? Age? Zodiac sign? Always thought maybe Taurus or Aquarius. I picture himn to be 6ft. Mix but not light skin. Caramel actually…

  17. Crys says:

    Eric I hope you give us more information about Gideon in the new book. What he look like, his age, dob, what’s his ethnicity, skin complexion and height. You know ….all we got is that he’s ruggedly handsome. Please give us more about Gideon.

  18. Crys says:

    Someone said they see Michael Jai White playing Gideon. Wtf HELL NO. I feel Trai Byers who plays Andre on Empire, fits or almost fits the description of what Gideon may look like. Complexion, young, hair, look to be mix, and height. I dont even think Gideon is African American. I sense his mom is a latina or part latina…maybe cuban or dominican. I feel Gideon is a mut. I feel he is light brown with short wavey hair…shaved a lil..facial hair or sideburns, stands 6’ft or 6’1. I also feel he is young..maybe 26 or 27. Reading this book he seem like a Taurus or Scorpio…I say Taurus.