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  1. From the Library Journal

    Fans, you’ll love it; this novel picks up the thread of Dickey’s popular Pleasure. Four years hence, Nia Simone Bijou has achieved success as a writer but is still striving to master the turmoil within before she moves on to marriage and motherhood. But at the pleasure palace where patrons shed their identities to try on new ones, she’s losing perspective. With a five-city tour.

  2. Latrinda Vinson says:

    I really enjoy your work! In my 2003 deployment, my mother sent me your book called ‘Thieves Paradise.’ From that moment on I’ve been hooked! I am anxiously waiting for your next Gideon series. Love your work!

  3. Kay-Marie says:

    Hi Eric I just want to say that I am an avid reader and huge fan from Trinidad&Tobago. I love the way you write. I am currently reading Waking with Enemies. I’m building a collection of all your books by buying one each week. Its my new hobby. I hope you see this. Hope I can meet you when you visit Trinidad again. Eeeeeeeeep :) Xo

  4. I would love to have you a guest on my show if you ever get a chance to come to Hartford, CT. I am a producer of a show called “Make It Happen” and would love to have opportunity to interview you on AccessTV. I would love to hear from you.

  5. Pumpkin says:

    Please, please, please tell me that there will be a fifth book in the Gideon Series. I LOVE Gideon and there is no way that book 4 could end the way it did WITHOUT there being a 5th book!

  6. Rhonda says:

    Hello Eric, just wanted to say I’m a huge fan and avid reader of your books. Looking forward to the new book in April and also can’t wait for the follow up to Resurrecting Midnight and what happens with Gideon.
    Keep writing and I will definately keep reading

  7. Ms Renada says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading all your books I own just about everything you have written your writing always has me on an emotional roller coaster Anyway I have a book crush on Gideon lol Can’t wait for the 5th book and I hope to see this series on the big screen starting idris elba as Gideon!!!! Thank you for taking me all over the world though your books!!!

  8. Lucy Upah says:

    I just learnt about your novels from a friend. I look forward to ordering and reading them!

  9. Maria says:

    Just finished Resurecting Midnight. I need to know what happens to Gideon next. It needs one more book!!!!! Please

  10. nicolette manahan says:

    i have been a big fan for years. i met you when you came to Jamaica for your launch of Genevieve. i was probably the youngest person in the audience. i was about 18 at the time and had already read all your previous books then. lol. i hope you are doing great and i cant wait for the release of Decadence. i am counting down the days to April :) all the best to you and your family.

  11. erica lawrenIce says:

    Hey Eric,
    In admire every book you have written. Sometimes when I read your book it sometimes put me in the characters world. At times I feel bad, bold, sexy, tempted, and daring. The words of the real world experiences is wonderful that you put in the books. My mind be so gone in the books that everything else I do stops, meaning no TV, no leaving out until I finish the books. I have loved every single one of your books and I also like reading your acknowledgements. I always wonder about your personal life. Would love to know you. Books so expensive I have to check it out in the library and I hate giving it back. Overall, please don’t stop writing,

  12. iesha says:

    OMG let me tell u im such a big fan its crazy my first book of yours i read was sleeping with strangers from that moment one i made it a point to read every book u every wrote i luv your work so much and i appericate your talents thanks for mentioning LOUISVILLE in tempted by trouble ment a lot to me being thats my home city i look foward to all your books to come

  13. Hannah says:

    I love your books. When is the 5th Gideon book coming?

  14. Andrea Jones says:

    I LOVE your writing so much. huge fan right here :)

  15. Frederick says:

    I have enjoyed all of your books, especially the Gideon series. I’m waiting on the next adventure in Gideon’s world. Don’t make us wait to long.

  16. DOROTHY says:


  17. DOROTHY says:


  18. nicole says:

    when are you coming out with a Gideon book, it has been almost four years

  19. Angela says:

    I’m reading Resurrecting Midnight and I just wanted to let you know that you now have a true fan. I love the series, especially the way you take your readers to parts of the world that I know I’ll never see. I’m almost finished and can’t wait for the next one. Keep ’em coming.

  20. I am a fan of your work. I am reading the book, Pleasure, right now. Its a bit different from your older books, like Cheaters & the Other Woman. The teaser to Pleasure, hits later on in the book, rather than sooner. No complains though. I’m working on two books as we speak for, Demmehouse publishing ( called Ruby & Ruckus. I also have another one coming later next year, solo called ‘I Am My Worst Enemy’. I love your writing Eric! Keep up the good work!!

  21. Nicole says:

    Hi Eric! I just saw that you have a teaser to your new novel scheduled to make its appearance in April. I’m excited! While I wait for your novels, I tend to re-read previous ones. With that said, I’m desperate for ‘Leonard’ from “Friends and Lovers” to make a comeback…ghostly, of course, but doesn’t ‘Debra’ deserve to have one last moment with the love of her life that she waited so patiently for? I miss him and I’m sure she does too. Thanks for keeping me so entertained all these years! ~Hopelessly devoted to your books

  22. Deonna Lewis says:

    I absolutely am in love with your body of work and you are my favorite fiction author, so much so that I have nearly purchased every piece that you have produced (including the Storm comics). I would very much love it if you would make an appearance anywhere close to VA sometime soon so that I might complete my collection with a signature :)

  23. Tiffany says:

    I have been an admirer of your work for years. With every story that I have read of yours, I get that much closer to getting the courage to tell my own stories. I look forward to losing and finding myself in your next novel. Excellent work and I pray you have continued success.

  24. Jasmine says:

    I have all of your books except for maybe 2 (someone borrowed them and never returned them)and love every last one of them. My favorite are the Giddeon series and I have read Theives’ Paradise over a dozen times. I just want to say thank for taking me out of my world and into yours. I can’t wait until the next Giddeon book comes out, but until than keep up the great work!

  25. Alicia M. Spencer says:

    I have been a huge fan of EJD for 14 years! I have all 19 books he has written as well as some books he has contributed to. I am looking forward to getting and reading his latest masterpiece Decadence!

    Huge Fan,

  26. Felecia says:

    I have that since reading “Pleasures” I didn’t think that you could get any better, but you have!!! I am in the middle of reading “Decadence” and you have again surprised and amazed me. Your insight is scary at times at how you know the working of a woman mind and what she is thinking and feeling in that moment. I almost believe that maybe you were a woman in a former life. I feel you have touched upon what lies in a lot of women and how they feel about their sexuality. I just love “Nia” and how you have brought her through her understanding of her inner self and desires. I feel all women should be like that! I know that I have been that way and make no excuses for it. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next book on “Nia” and her adventures”. Be blessed always

  27. Lola says:

    Your work is truly amazing. You are in a class all by yourself!

  28. Nicole says:

    I just finished reading, “Decadence”. I absolutely love this book! It is not just about the club and the way you write in such marvelous detail:-) I really enjoyed reading about how she came to accept and fully comprehend the details of her life and who she really is as a person and more importantly as a woman.

  29. Lannie says:

    I would love to be in your next book. Decadence is so great and have a lot of detail in it. I love all your books they are fantastic. Please email me anytime. Keep up the great work and God Bless

  30. I have been an avid reader of your works since I was 16 years old and I am now 28. You influenced me greatly to I began writing my own novel at the age of 18.

  31. Shadonna Smith says:

    Your books capture the essence of pride and beauty for diverse cultures. It’s also drips sexy from each page and at times carries a very heartfelt and captivating plot. I love your books to say the least and I love how your not afraid to create a character that may necessarily be fitting for society. Keep up the good work!

  32. Julia Elam Schmidt says:

    Hello Eric,
    I read Milk in my coffee, and wow, it was soooo good! Such a pleasant surprise near the end. Your books are really, really great!
    Thank you so much!

  33. Cynthia DuPree says:

    I’m trying to order The Education of Nia Simone Bijou, but all I can find is the electronic books. Does it come in an old fashion hard back book?

  34. Tasha says:

    U are my favorite writer! And I would love it if u made gieon a movie along with thieves paradise! I truly believe thieves paradise could win an award!

  35. Jackie Slater says:

    I love your books and have been a fan since “Between Lovers”. I just finished reading “An Accidental Affair” which was pretty good and now I am reading Decadence but I have to say I miss my Gideon. Please bring Gideon back soon we’re about to go into Gideon shock…LOL!! Thanks for the wonderful books you write. Keep up the good work and stay Blessed!!

  36. Eva Clark says:

    Really appreciated your book, Pleasure. Thanks for a great read.

  37. Hillary says:

    You are my all time favorite author!!! I’m currently reading Decadence which is superb so far. I read An Accidental Affair earlier this year, and it was thrilling until the end. I can’t wait until your next release. God bless!!

  38. Fabian (ChocolateStrawberri) says:

    I Love Your Books
    Please Email Me At

  39. Denniece K. White says:

    I’ve read your novels when I can get them and I love you. I just finished a old one, “Genevieve” it was wonderful, I was there with them. I have never sent a response to a writer before, but I wanted you to know even if you never noticed I sent you a msg. I will get to all of your writings, I love to read, I have a great imagination so with a great writer, I am easily taken away. Bless you and your talent Eric J. ….Denniece

  40. Gary says:

    I really like your books and you are a great author

  41. angel says:

    I have been a fan for years and i have read all of your books and i had a collection of them. i could read them over and over. however i moved about 2 months ago and put all of my things in storage including my book collection and it i was informed by the storage that my storage had been broken into and everything is gone. im am so heartbroken that my book collection was inside amongst other things that are irreplaceble. is there a plcae i can order all of them?

  42. I have enjoyed all of your novels and can’nt wait to collect then again. while moving back to the states the movers (misplaced)lol 2 boxes with 15 of the best books i have ever read. you disscribed Memphis in detail, man felt like I was back home. I went to Melrose high and those where the best time of my life.Thanks for taking me there. I enjoyed those two in the garage,man what a adventure. Been married for two years and was able to pull up information on your great work and had to share it with my wifeand she really enjoyed it. drive me crazy, the other woman,theives paradise,between lovers,liars game, cheaters,milk in my coffee,friends and lovers,sister-sister, graphic novel and black silk: a collection of african american erotica were those that got away.

  43. v says:

    looking for next chapter of gideons’ life. hope to see the new book soon.

  44. Angelbaby says:

    Hello Mr. Dickey my name is angel I must say that I have been reading your books now for about 6-7 years and you sir are byfar the author I have ever read you are just AMAZING also I’m pretty sure I’m not the only reader who thinks we really would ABSOLUTLY LOVE anothe master piece from the Gidoen series!!!!! Please we need it

  45. Ashley L says:

    Just finished Decadence. When I read your work I need a dictionary and a red bull. I craved the next page much like Nia Simone craved lingam. It’s obvious that each word is peronal and measured. Thank you for giving us years of amazing fantasies and relizations.

    Patiently waiting the next adventure.


  46. Ashlie Jumper says:

    Dear Eric,

    I ran across your books in half price and so far I read Sister, Sister and Cheaters. They were great! Love them and looking forward to reading more.


  47. Love, Kera says:

    Keep doing your thing. You are a true inspiration and I have enjoyed reading all of your hard work, emotions, fantasies, realities and long roads of imaginations, over the years. Keep it up, its well worth it. Lots of love, God bless.
    Love, Kera

  48. WC says:

    loved, Loved, LOVED the Gideon series! It was a true masterpiece/roller coaster ride! When I got to the last chapter of Resurrecting Midnight, I had to put it down because I didn’t want the story to end.

  49. DeMia says:

    It has been such a thrill following your work. I have been a fan of yours since Milk in my Coffee, and I have not been able to stay away from your creativity..Love the Gideon series! I think they would make an excellent movie.

  50. Alice Brown says:

    I am a huge fan of your work. PLEASE write another Gideon novel, he is my all time favorite character. I love love love Gideon. I need a Gideon fix.

  51. E. Andrews says:

    Eric, I so enjoyed meeting you at the library — MPLIC. You are so personable. Everyone in the room felt like you were our own friend. You answered ALL of our questions, even the personable ones’ about your new look. You are one dynamic person and awesome author. Your advice to “get out of the fish bowl” and experience life is one that every child in Memphis needs to hear. You believed that there were other waters to swim in and you are yet swimming in the ocean of success. Keep doing what you are doing and keep being Eric J. Dickey — a Carver “Cobra” success story. We in Memphis, Tennessee are proud to call YOU one of our own. And my prayer for you is found in the words written in Jeremiah 29:11. Eric ,I told you earlier that you give off the “friendship vibe” and we all feel that we are connected to you; so continue to go and grow and may your talents multiply.

  52. deirdre white says:

    huge huge fan. love your writing style. it is off the map. i do occasionally grab a dictionary to be sure i dont miss anything while reading. just finished a wanted woman. your next book should include a gideon and reaper meeting. wow. that would be amazing. the only thing i hate about your books is when they end. i never want to stop reading.

  53. Wanda Jones says:

    I really enjoyed A Wanted Woman. I read it in three days, could have finished sooner, but I had to teach my students.

  54. Mrz. Domesticate says:

    I loved ur work since my teen yrs. Now I even love way you acknowledge your fans. I will always b a true EJD fan!

  55. yoland barnes says:

    Huge huge fan.I have enjoyed all of your books, especially the Gideon series. I am from trinidad

  56. Bridget30223 says:

    I have all of your books and you are my favorite author!!!!!! Please tell me you are making a trilogy to A Wanted Woman. I want more!

  57. Bridget30223 says:

    OOOH!!!! Can Gideon be Old Man Reaper and the two women he fathered children by be the ones he met on the plane??? That would really be something right?

  58. I found your books while searching for Emily Dickinson. For one, the book covers grabbed my attention. Now I am hooked on your stories as I am with Rosalyn McMillan,V.C. Anderews, and John Grisham.

  59. Carol Smith says:

    Mr. Dickey, I am awaiting the next book on Gideon, I have all of the series in hard cover and I also purchase the audio versions, as I drive a lot. Please hurry, I cannot wait.

  60. John Leslie Gibson says:

    What advise if any would you give to someone who wants to write an publish a first time book.?

  61. Rochelle Robinson says:

    Hi Mr.Dickey, My sister sent me a copy of “A Wanted Woman”. I loved every page, just as I love Gideon,such a thrilling good read, I read Gideons’ series twice.Please bring both of them back!!!!,I wait with baited breath.

  62. Kimberly Ann says:

    I love, love, love your work. The Other Woman was the first book I read and I was hooked. I now own 17 books and 1 e-book. I’m making my husband buy the four books that I don’t have. I wanted to know I never seen Cappuccino and it needs to be rereleased on DVD.

  63. torie May says:


    I just wanted to say thank you for starting my love of reading. I will never forget getting the Cheater’s book from the library in 7th grade. From that first booked I was hooked and have loved reading ever since. I have all of your books and I can’t wait to read the next Gideon book. Since you have kept us waiting for so long I know it will be a memorable story. Thanks in advance for a great read.

  64. Sherrrie C. Bohler says:

    You are one of my favorite writers I now own 25 of your 29 books. I am 47 and to let you know how big a fan I am my favorite gift for my 40th birthday was a signed copy of waking up with strangers. I love every book of yours I have read from cheaters to decadence. Thanks for the excitement, romantic ideas and trips abroad. My first trip to Cali. was so exciting because I was passing a lot of landmarks you spoke of in chasing destiny as I road down the beautiful pacific coast highway. I cant wait to go to London and ride the tube. In a world so full of CRAZINEST it is so wonderful to be in a physical safe house and through your books experience intense romance, passion, excitement and danger. Continue to do your thing and May God continue to bless you.

  65. L. Ivey says:

    I just finished “Resurrecting Midnight” and unless I missed something, I feel that your fans will agree that we need to know the end of Gideon’s story. I just know that the discussion that Gideon will have with Catherine/Thelma about who his real father is will be off the charts! And, his showdown with Midnight…whoa!

    Despite his somewhat flawed character, I find myself cheering for Gideon. We want Gideon!! We want Gideon!!!

  66. Tori says:

    I found Liars Game a couple years ago while housesitting for a friend and I have never looked back. I’ve read about seven of your novels so far and will start on the eighth when I have time.
    I loved “Milk In My Coffee”. “Chasing Destiny” had me staying up late to read one more chapter. Things got real in “An Accidental Affair.” I really loved “Thieves’ Paradise”. Dante and Scamz may be the best duo ever.

  67. Karol says:

    I just finished reading A Wanted Woman and it was great. I just want everybody to know if they have not read it yet they need to read it. if you think Gideon was something else you have to check out the main character in this book I don’t want to give away any secrets Happy Reading.

  68. Andrea says:

    Love, love, love all of your novels! Where’s Gideon?!

  69. Corrie Napora says:

    I love all of your novels, and I can’t wait to read your new one’s. I am wondering, will there be another book with the Gideon, midnight, Arizona, Hawks, scams, and those story lines. You kinda left us hanging with all these questions in the air.

  70. Shannon Webster says:

    I love your work! We’ve been waiting too long for another Gideon series :) Love you EJD!


  71. Derrnisha Jackson says:

    I’ve Read almost all of your books. the gideon series and a wanted woman i have read numerous times. i really wish you would write about gideon and reaper meeting that would be a book to read. keep up the great work

  72. Lisa McNair says:

    Where is Gideon? I feel like filing a Missing Person’s Report!

  73. Reese Nicole says:

    I just loved A Wanted Woman! When will there be a part two?! Oh I want a part 2 soooo bad!

  74. Kimberly Johnson says:

    I am looking for Gideon, have you seen him? Do you know where we can find him? We have to make sure the children are safe! Love the Gideon series. It would be nice to see a happy ending for a person who had a horrible life as a child.

  75. Miss Regina says:

    For starters I will say that I truly enjoy your work and I understand the process and hard work it takes to write a novel. I can’t relate, but I understand. Now that the formalities are all out of the way…WHY WOULD YOU LET “ONE NIGHT” END THE WAY IT DID?! I saw all the pages I had left and thought to myself, “its not gonna end like this…”. WRONG!! I read that book, cover to cover, HUNGRILY for about 8 hours before I was done reading it. Pulled in by every word I read! Going page by page. Not missing a beat. Waiting for the next one. Then BAM!! COME ON! Idk how long I can wait…but I guess I have no choice!

  76. steven says:

    Love listen to your books as I drive, i need to find more books with Gideon i love this hitman and need more of him as i drive down the highway.

  77. angela says:

    Love your books! I am an avid fan! I am so waiting on the next book of the Gideon series. When is it coming out?

    You are an incredible author!

  78. Thomas Filip says:

    One Night was my entry to EJD and it rocked my world! Oh, to meet a lady like JPS….just saying.

  79. NITA W... says:


  80. Dee Montgomery says:

    Got book from daughter and fell in love with Gideon Series. Went to library to “hold” inter-library loans of rest and followed up with ALL your books. Did good, managed to get 26 of the 36 or so written to date.
    Waiting on next one and Gideon’s too.

    Dont keep us waiting too long. Was into George R. R. Martin until he hung us out to dry when he converted books into Game of Thrones on HBO. 3-4 years waiting and STILL NOTHING written. Leaving him for abuse of fans.

  81. Ruby Banks says:

    Just finished reading your novel, “Chasing Destiny”. I was at the Half Price Book Store looking to reread “Milk in My Coffee” when I ran across Destiny. I think that is the best book you have ever written, and I have read most of them. That was a true page turner!!!

  82. Frederick says:

    Has anyone seen Gideon? Every where I go people are asking for Gideon. Hopefully Eric will find him soon.

  83. Frederick says:

    All jokes aside Eric, Its been far to long. Gideon needs to come back or just tell us so that we can move on.

  84. Starr says:

    Love your books, have read everything you wrote. Can you get the 5th Gideon book, so I can add it to my collection. I really want to know if your going to kill him off, let him and midnight have another run in, will him in midnight go into business together, will midnight kill his mom to get to him, what will happen with Arizona?

  85. Majadi says:

    More Reaper and Gideon please!! In fact, they need to link up! I love wet work literature and you nailed it!! She’s a bad ass, troubled, but bad ass!! And he’s sexy! Keep it up Eric!

  86. Melissa says:

    Eric…Please we need more Gideon. I have been waiting for so long that I just can’t take it. I have made up several stories with Gideon in it. I have read the series so many times. It’s time for a couple more books of Gideon. I love him. Honor my request…PLEASE>>>PLEASE…PLEASE.

  87. Melvin Lofton says:

    Hey bro, love the Gideon series! Please hit us with the 5th book soon! You are the Man by the way!

  88. Marie says:

    I’ve finally gotten around to reading your books and so far I’m hooked! I’ve read the Gideon series up until dying for revenge in less than a month and finishing up series#4 currently. Brilliant! Waiting to order the next couple of Gideon series whenever they’re out. Thanks!

  89. Diane Rose says:

    Wonderful novels. Just finished reading “One Night” by far the best.
    But then again I say that after reading all your novels.
    Thank you for your gift of words. Namaste 📚🙏🏾

  90. NIECY says:


  91. Jessica says:

    I LOVE all of your books! You are very talented and I am grateful that you share that talent with us. I wish that I could meet you at a book signing. I will try to make it to one sometime in the near future. Thank you for being such a wonderful author who intertwines your characters in different books! I can’t wait to read your newest In about a month ! Please come to Dallas/Fort Worth!!

  92. Sofia says:

    There are so many post on this page for Gideon and here I am to write another one. I miss Gideon. Your books are filled with so many tales but nothing like Gideon. So many leading ladies get a story but only one man gets a series!!! Come on bring back Gideon! He has been gone long enough! And work on a movie if you haven’t already. I myself see Michael Jai White playing Gideon. I promise to buy my tickets way in advance!

  93. Andrea Taylor says:

    I enjoy reading your books. I had no idea u had written so many. You are truly gifted. I can not wait to see what next from Gideon.

  94. Bruce Calame says:

    Hi Eric Dickey. My name is Bruce Calame from Salisbury Maryland and I enjoyed your book, Naughtier Than nice. I look forward to your next books when they come out. You are a very talented writer, so keep up the good work. Thank you.

  95. Michael January says:

    Great stuff.

  96. Carol Smith says:

    Hi Eric:

    I am ready for the next Gideon series, your books are so wonderful, I read them in one day, of course I have your entire collection and no even purchased them on audio books. Please bring Gideon back, I need to know what’s going on and keep writing you have a fan forever.

  97. Stefanie says:

    Hi Eric Jerome Dickey, My name is Stephanie from Los Angeles California. I just want you know my fav’s fav’s Milk in my coffee, Cheaters and Got to Be Real. I have read 22 out of the 29 off your list. I’m proud of you and keep writing because I love reading.

  98. Courtney Mitchell says:

    Your work is absolutely amazing! I have everyone around me craving your work! From my grandmother to my best friend, we are hooked! ! We started with “Sister Sister” and we are now exploring “Sleeping With Strangers”. We love all of your work!